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Understanding how the brain works and having access to heart intelligence will support the optimization of well-being and leadership.

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Daphne Feller founded BrainExplainers in 2016.

She knows your situation because of her national and international organizational experience of 12 years. During her MBA study she realized how important knowledge from brain science is. It will support individuals and organizations to improve well-being and leadership. Empower them with the capabilities to thrive with consciousness.

Daphne often speaks at conferences and events. She shares many valuable insights on the topic of neuroscience and heart intelligence around the globe.

By bringing a more concrete, science-based approach employees will become mentally focused, emotionally balanced and create a sense of purpose that will drive superior performance. ​

If you're an employee, entrepreneur, leading a team or a successful company executive, focused on personal development or looking to maximise your mental and emotional performance, you came to the right place.