There is growing awareness of the impact wellbeing can have on individuals, businesses, the economy and society. Along with that there is a growing interest from the investment community in wellbeing as a leading indicator of financial performance and market value; research shows that organisations with effective wellbeing programmes outperform the market.

Wellbeing includes people’s physical and mental health and the social aspects of their work environment. It is a key driver of engagement. Focusing on employees’ wellbeing is a conscious business decision. 

Organisational culture is critical to wellbeing as a culture where people feel trusted, valued and respected will in itself engender feelings of wellbeing. Organisations where the culture is poor are more likely to suffer lower levels of wellbeing.

Working on your well-being policy leeds to better business outcomes for your organisation:

  • Reduced healthcare costs

  • Improved business performance

  • Great company culture

  • Integrated and optimised benefits and HR investments