mental resilience program

WEBINARs during covid-19

 What we are hearing from employees in COVID-19

  • I have difficulty concentrating on my tasks

  • I get easily distracted

  • I am energy drained, teleconferencing for 8-10 hours a day

  • I worry about my near future, my projects, and if I will have a job

  • I feel stressed out combining work and kids

  • I feel isolated, alone

  • I question how I can add value in these times

  • I just miss seeing my colleagues, teams, friends

Resilience is the skill of noticing our own thoughts,

unhooking from the non-constructive ones, 

and rebalancing quickly.  


This skill can be trained.


So we can thrive, rather than survive!

Key problems:

  • Most aspects of your life quickly blend together in a blurry haze when working from home and virtually.

  • Experiencing worry, distraction, frustration, sadness, and fear is quite normal during times of crisis. Although normal, these experiences also narrow our field of vision - making it harder to see the bigger picture, be creative and seeing possibilities in front of us.


key focus:

Building Mental Resilience now and beyond COVID-19

Empower your workforce with an online Mental Resilience Webinar.

We cannot control COVID-19, but we can support our people to control their response to it. We can train the mind to respond in a way that is more helpful, so that we feel more balanced, focused, energized and productive throughout the day.

  • How can you reduce fear and anxiety?

  • How to keep your focus?

  • How to keep your energy high?

  • How to improve your brain function during working at home?

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"It was amazing!

Thanks for all the inspiration."

Hanane | Business Owner