Daphne Feller founded BrainExplainers in 2016.

She knows your situation because of her organizational experience of 12 years. During her MBA study she realized how important knowlegde from brain science is. It can help individuals and organizations to improve mental well-being and leadership.


By bringing a more concrete, science-based approach to growing soft skills will not just resonate with business leaders but it also makes any change initiative more effective. She only uses what has been proven effective and by peer reviewed research.

If you're an employee, entrepreneur, leading a team or a successful company executive, focused on personal development or looking to maximise your mental performance, you came to the right place.


BrainExplainers is based on the following 4 pillars:



about your brain. It is the basis of how we feel and how we act.



is constant. Empower your brain to deal with it.  


your mindset and thinking. It will lead to better outcomes.


grit and creative skills. It will maximize your success in every area of life.


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