BrainExplainers is a knowlegde firm using neuroscience, heart intelligence and organizational psychology to optimize Well-Being and Leadership within your organization. We provide three services: executive coaching, lectures and masterclasses/ webinars.

The key focus in all our programs is to develop authentic, and transformational employees who have highly effective soft skill capabilities which can play a large part in solving the collective challenges of these transitional times.

New York Office

New revolution

We are in the midst of a new revolution, the conscious revolution. Moving towards a world where innovative brain science, heart intelligence, (organizational) psychology, quantum mechanics and intuitive practices are all guiding us into a more constructive, more sustainable and more  authentic world. In this new world we will see business practices aligned with intelligence, intuition and innovation.


Reconnection Heart & Brain

Where neuroscience has kickstarted our journey into the processes of the brain, intuitive intelligence takes us on a path to the heart. Together they create a renewed starting point, where the brain can lead in conscious thinking and heart intelligence  can stimulate an energy flow.

Why this is needed? Now more than ever we need to reconnect our heart and brain to facilitate optimal thinking, reshape patterns and create profound change.

Cherry Blossoms

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