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Sea Shore

At BrainExplainers we specialize in Lectures/ Masterclasses, Development programs and Consultancy for high performing teams and organizations to utilize the breakthroughs in cognitive science to reshape how they work, live and positively interact with others.

We support you to get a better understanding  how to address well-being and leadership challenges within your team(s). 


We provide hands-on application and tools deriving from brain research, positive psychology and peformance sience that will improve individual and team performance.

The key focus in all our programs is to develop authentic, healthy and productive employees.

Key focus:

Encourage new thinking and insight.


Embedding new and positive habits.

Improve individual and team performance.


Improve team collaboration, decision-making and creativity within the organization.


Enhancing productivity, raise morale commitment and ultimately greater business success.



"It was amazing!

Thanks for all the inspiration."

Hanane | Business Owner


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